Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Diamond Anniversary Jubilee Identity


The Academy needed a classic, elegant identity that could be versatile enough to use throughout the hundreds of applications over the course of the year-long celebration.

A hand-lettered identity gave them the sophistication the desired without being too stuffy. From collateral, to apparel, invitations, passes, event decorations and the Academy Awards stage presentation, the identity was maintained throughout every aspect of the celebration.

This was the first time in the Academy’s history that such a comprehensive, versatile and extensive identity was maintained for such a period of time. It successfully tied the entire year together to create a single, year-long celebration.



The number “75” naturally creates an awkward negative space, like an inverted ice-cream cone.


So a hand-lettered design was created to evoke the elegance of a tux with tails - reminiscent of old hollywood (harkening back to the origins in the 20s)

Additionally, for the 2 and 3 color variants, a whole new silhouette needed to be drawn



The identity was used and special Diamond-Jubilee collateral, as well as in every single event they held for the entire year, culminating in the Academy Awards broadcast.