Golden Globe Awards Programme

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association needed a complete overhaul to their Golden Globe Awards programme.  Historically, they have always been the most watched acting awards show, second to the Oscars, but their brand had been significantly damaged by poor print design.   



Originally, the programmes where cluttered with advertisements, suffered from garish, unrefined design, were poorly organized and came across as utilitarian and unprofessional, rather than sophisticated and elegant.


Not surprisingly, nearly all the attendees would simply leave them behind.  


After a thorough discovery process, a brand elevation strategy was outlined which included removing all paid advertising within the programme itself, an information restructure and a complete redesign (as well as higher-end printing).  



From there, strong, uncompromising design cues were set up to create the magic and allure of Old Hollywood, from typography to color and paper choices. A pearlescent paper was chosen to reflect off the house lights adding a touch of glamour to the experience. And custom statuette photography needed to be done to capture the gravitas and emotion of the awards night, while using depth of focus to give it a dreamlike allure.


The result:

For the first time in HFPA history, none of the programmes were left on the event tables. In fact, entire boxes of programs were stolen and sold on eBay. This had never happened before.
— Philip Berk, President of the HFPA