Prescription Ordering, Checkout, & Account update.

plus general website design updates, social & email design & product photography


Lookmatic sells bespoke eye wear - which is ridiculously complex, from the frames to the lens options and finally the complex method of deciphering one’s prescription.  I simplified the purchase process as well as created a user-friendly checkout & account system. In addition to these larger-scale projects, I did product photography, general design layouts for social engagement, photography retouching, and general web layout updates as needed.



Selection Process


Selecting glasses is complex. Besides the prescription, there are many options - all of which are dependent on previous options you’ve made. It was best to break them out into steps and create a module that could not only live on the product pages, but also go into rich media ads as well.


Simple and light, it made the process easy. One cannot progress without making choices, eliminating the possibility of incomplete orders. Upsells are clearly spelled out, and the price flag changes based upon selections. The step counter tells the user the total steps and their place in the process while the back arrow allows them to go back and make any changes needed. The “Add To Cart” button is not active until all choices have been made.


Prescription and Checkout

Prescription lens information is a jumble.  To simplify it for the user I laid it out in the same visual manner as the glasses themselves, with left eye, right eye and spacing.  The cart itself had to be segmented into items that would be Rx-modified, and items that would not need any additional steps.  From there it was a basic accordion step process for the cart with a very comprehensive confirmation screen and email.  

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My Account


The more buttoned up “My Account” is, the less money is spent on customer service calls, so it pays to put the money into design and structure up front. I redesigned the Account section from top to bottom paying special attention to the DASHBOARD (#7 - #9), PRESCRIPTION MANAGEMENT (#20 - #26) MY ORDERS (#27 & #28) and CUSTOMER CARE (#29 - #35)

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